Recent news​

The Second Line 

The Parlour Production Studios, Melbourne Australia - December 2013


After spending a glorious month as an international artist in residence in an old funeral parlour configured into a small community of artist studios, I was overwhelmed by the enormous happiness and welcome demonstrated by each member of The Parlour Studios team. 


The Second Line party posed not only as a showing of my body of work "Canadian/ Australian Animals" but also as an opening for the new green room for shooting film, and as a fundraiser for support to help keep The Parlour afloat. 

SHRINE - End of the Line

​Belgrave, Victoria Australia - November 2012

The SHRINE Group was developed by a variety of different artists from different backgrounds of expertise, but together they set forth to bring a community together. 

Inviting the Belgrave comminuty to participate in the making of a public art installation in The End Of The Line Festival, they collected objects that had reached the end of their line and were ready to be released to a new purpose. These objects would be transformed into an offering to the suburb and to its people. 

Finally at the end of the festival the objects were released back to the people, to take with them new memories. 


Aviora Natura
Studio Intent @ Art Central, Calgary Alberta -  \September 2012

A gracious opportunity to present a solo show of new works within Art Central through the Studio Intent clothing shop. Featuring Canadian fine artists and clothing designers, Chantal Barchard, owner of Studio Intent boutique + gallery, hold seasonal opportunities to show local art works along with her clothing lines. 


"Aviora Natura" showed a collection of paintings featuring birds of varying species while taking on a variety of genre immitations. Each painting was enclosed on top and bottom by black shelves containing columns of birch. Present ammongst the paintings was a stuffed hawk, affectionately named Harrold.