Jean Day

A Brief Artist Biography


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle


Miss Day is a Sculptor by nature, practiced in a variety of materials, recently utilizing indoor exclusivity to creatively express her values through painting and small sculpture. Interested in broadening her practice, she has been adapting to digital techniques of drawing and modeling.

Coming from an artistic upbringing, Jean's roots formed around pencil drawings and happy family pets. Through art college she honed in techniques from ceramic mold-making, traditional painting, jewelry design, textile alteration and, most importantly, recycled materials. College was spent exploring the value of "found objects" and realizing the complicated relationships between viewers, makers and the community. Travel after graduation meant a new, minimalistic, nomadic practice expressing appreciation for cultural diversity with new animals, social connections and coral reef coasts.


Settling comfortably back home in Calgary AB, focus has shifted back to roots in prioritizing happy family pets. A new connection to a community of passionate pet people and the vast networks that go into caring and governing them was realized. Making animals, nature and the relationships established between them, people and their environments intrinsic concerns in her work. Today Miss Day continues to support local pets and wildlife by donating to local charities and pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.